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Little Potions, Big Magic, The Magic is YOU...

Compact bottled goodness for a complete mini sensory calming and balancing experience, even in the midst of madness. Frankie Scents Blends are easy to use regularly throughout the day, small enough to keep in your pocket, purse or palm of your hand, yet with intention, big enough to make a difference to your mental and spiritual well being. The look of it, the feel of it, the sound of it and of course the aroma, is all an experience to help ease the chaos of the day to day. A little dose of love and light to keep you shining big and bright.

Frankie Scents Crystal Infused Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends is an easy, convenient way to enjoy the healing benefits of your favourite essential oils and a subtle perfect alternative to perfumes.

Our roll-on bottles are quality and made with stainless steel rollerballs to make topical applications of essential oils easier. Your oil will glide on feeling cool and silky smooth. To minimize skin sensitivity our oils are diluted with a carrier oil and made at a 1 to 2% dilution, intended for daily use as needed/desired and safe for the entire family including adults, our elders and children 5+ with adult supervision.

A few favourite places to apply your Frankie Scents Blends are:

- bottom of the feet

- behind the ears

- on the temples 

- on the wrists


Some places to avoid application are:

- eyes

- inner ears and nose

- broken skin

You can use your Frankie Scents blends anytime, anywhere. You will not only smell good, but you will feel good; mind, heart, and soul. Aromatherapy on the go. Winning!

Cleansed, blessed, and made with love. Frankie Scents Crystal Infused Essential Oil Blends are crafted with YOU in mind. Engage your sences, breathe in the moment, and give yourself the time to grow your mind, fill your heart, and free your soul.


Made in Australia.


Please note.

Sensitivity and Reactions

Sensitivity to an essential oil can cause various reactions.

Some signs of an essential oil sensitivity or allergic reaction include pain, swelling, skin irritation, difficulty breathing, and stomach upsets. If you experience a reaction to essential oils it’s important to stop using that essential oil immediately so that you don’t make the reaction worse. 

Some essential oils can cause sun sensitivity, particularly citrus oils. If applying an essential oil topically, avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for at least 12 hours following the use of these oils on the skin.

For severe reactions, seek medical treatment if needed.